Uses of Regen Ledger (the blockchain) other than credits

The launch of the ecocredit module will enable the use of the Ledger for credit-based systems, such as the carbon markets that already exist. The thread about Proposal 4 has focused attention on how Regen Registry plans to use Regen Ledger (the blockchain). I realize this is part of the vision that has motivated Regen Network, and I think more possibilities exist in addition to the Registry and other credit-based systems.

So, two questions:

  • What can people do with the Ledger besides using the ecocredit module?
  • For each of those ideas: Does that use actually align with the unique qualities of blockchains in general and this blockchain in particular, or would a non-blockchain method actually make more sense?

@Gregory_Regen , @Gijs_Spoor, any ideas?

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Wow… soo many ideas!

  • Land title claims are very alive in India at the moment, where indigenous groups are struggling to get rights to use forests as a commons
  • Ecosystem health tracking for the sake of everyone on the planet, and in a way that acknowledges multiple types of knowledge (unlike for example the UN scientific bodies)
  • Provenance tracking and enabling human-to-human relationships between growers and eaters, not mediated by a profit-seeking entity in the middle
  • this list can go on…

Whether or not blockchain is the appropriate way to store and share this data would depend on the alternatives I guess. I’m sure someone has already developed a heuristic to support decision making for networks about info infrastructure?

Regen Ledger mission is to be a ledger of the Earth . That will encapsulate many use - cases:

  1. Measuring ecological state of a land, air, water… Blockchain is good here because this data should be open for browsing and verification and anyone should be able to challenge it.
  2. Data module for capturing data and reports related to the previous point. Without a blockchain we won’t be able to bind data to the contract state in a trustless manner.
  3. Enabling funds, communities, DAOs to support goals related to particular Earth place. Without blockchain we won’t be able to automate it or make efficient decisions.
  4. Integration with market places and other chains to build a financial structures - without blockchain this will require trusted intermediaries and additional regulations.
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