REGEN Valuations on COSMOS IBC

Hello, Regenerati. I’m trying to learn the basics involved in staking $REGEN. I have read through much of the tutorial material linked on the discord server, and am now in the process of selecting validators, i.e. “due diligence”. I consider myself an investor in regeneration rather than a simple seeker of currency, so I will select validators that I find clearly focused on REGEN Network’s core values, in my mind carbon sequestration that builds soils, with the richer soils building more resilient communities. I know there’s more . . .

So, in my quest for understanding the particulars of staking, I have run across Mintscan for the Cosmos IBC. REGEN Network validators are listed there along with lots of live blockchain data. Someone please help by explaining a few things for me.

First, looking today there are these statements of value:                           Market Cap          $295,767.26         Chain Value         $209,363,637.18    Chain Value         $7,893,665,316.32
                                                                                     regen channel-185   $3,052,637.49   Chain Value         $2,926,459,273.16
                                                                                     regen channel-8     $11,204,672.12

Can someone please explain these wildly different - well, I’ll call them “valuations” for want of another term - of REGEN assets in the different chains?

Second, on the REGEN validators page, please explain
Height; Bonded Token; Inflation (current token minting rate, yearly basis?) and Community Pool.

I’m looking forward to understanding clearly what a validator does with tokens I stake with them. Are validators the gatekeepers for funds actually getting distributed to, e.g., a rancher that has raised soil carbon assay by 2% as promised and validated?

Thanks - YonGregsvatter