Recruiting land stewards

Hi! I’m new to the forum.

After learning about the Regen project for some time I recently bought and staked some Regen tokens on Osmosis.

I want to contribute more to the project. What I have in mind is traveling to already established land steward projects to teach them about Regen network and help them sign up and set up infrastructure. I’m sure there are lot’s of land stewards out there who has never heard of Regen who just needs a little push and some help to join.

I’m planning to visit a permaculture farm/community in Costa Rica that I think would be a perfect match for Regen. I would love to help them join this project, but I need to learn more to be effective.

Any thoughts, advice or comments about this would be greatly appreciated


Hi Mars!

That’s a terrific idea! I think visiting a permaculture community in Costa Rica is a terrific idea and a great first step! We will have incentives for this sort of contribution to REGEN in the coming months too. Are you also in the Discord? It might be a good place to meet some likeminded folks.

Happy to have someone like you as part of our growing community! :slight_smile:


Joining the open science and land steward channels on discord would be a good step as admin noted.

Chatting with our Land Steward coordinator would be another good step. One thing to dig into is around the size and type of farm. Some land use types are easier to produce credits form than others, and larger farms tend to be easier than smaller (at this stage this is due to verification costs). One of our largest challenges as a community is reducing verification costs and making it easy to onboard new credit types and classes. There is a lot of work to do on that level of the project. I just wanted to share those details so you can understand where a lot of the work will be (in addition to and empowered by the blockchain!).


Hi, I’m working on an EcoNFT project that is aiming to help more land stewards to get the investment they need to change land use in ways that supports environmental regeneration & community. We had been planning work with a major offchain registry, but I came across Regen and it looks perfect for our plans. I’d love to learn more and get more involved. I tried to join the Doscord server above, but I couldn’t get through the verification. Any help hugely appreciated!