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Please tell us your validator moniker used for mainnet genTx and link to the github PR.

P2P.ORG - P2P Validator
P2P.ORG - P2P Validator gentx by ponchik69 · Pull Request #95 · regen-network/mainnet · GitHub

Please describe the setup you are using for your validator? Include any relevant security information, processor speed, backups and sentry nodes etc…

We use GCP cloud for our validator and sentries. We have three sentry for one validator (each in a different region). Our specs for all instances are 4vCPU, 16GB, SSD for storage. In addition we use GCP tools for making backups and for protecting our infrastructure. The system is under advanced alerting to speed up our reaction on unexpected outages.

Are you in some way trying to apply the high level application logic to create ecological credits. If so, please explain how.

For now we are not directly involved with applications for ecological credits.

Are you working to engage a broader community? If so, please explain how.

We are active in social media and regularly post useful articles on https://economy.p2p.org/. P2P used to organize offline events related to Proof-Of-Stake networks before the appearance of COVID-19.

Are you a professional validator? Please list your company name and include other chains you are validating for. Please include how long you have been in operation.

P2P Validator was founded in the beginning of 2018 as an effort to provide secure non-custodial staking supporting the most groundbreaking projects in the space. Currently our validators in 20+ blockchains with 6000+ delegators secure over $3,5 billion of digital assets. We have participated in multiple mainnet launches and continue to provide staking services for Cosmos Hub, Ethereum, Tezos, Polkadot/Kusama, Solana and many others being a solid staking provider for delegating across multiple networks.

How did you perform during testnets and which testnets did you take part in? Please include the moniker(s) used. You can refer to your testnet results at https://regen.vitwit.com

We have been closely watching the development of Regen Network and participated in two testnets to be in line with the network specifics with a "P2P.ORG - P2P Validator" moniker.

Are you active within the community on discord/telegram and in the discourse forum? Please include your usernames for the relevant platforms.

We have P2P telegram channel for everyone having questions and looking for a support [Telegram: Contact @P2Pstaking]. We are active on Twitter [https://twitter.com/P2Pvalidator] a lot of fresh announcements are posted there. You can reach out our team members in Regen Network Discord [alexbond#3442, TheBronzeKing#1273].

Are you committed to actively voting on Regen proposals and contributing to governance?


Do you have website or other links which offer insight to you validation services? Please include any social media and website links.

Web: p2p.org

Twitter: @p2pvalidator

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @P2Pstaking

Please add a paragraph which will help the community decide to delegate to you. This may include any relevant information not listed above as to why you would like to be a Regen Network validator and why the community should choose to delegate to you.

Our team has strong experience with Tendermint based networks (Cosmos, Iris, Terra, Kava, Persistence) with ~99.9% uptime for each of them. P2P took part and won multiple awards in Game of Stakes and Game of Zones events.

We are actively participating in the governance procedure sharing our thoughts in public channels. In addition, P2P provides a high quality support for all delegators no matter of a stake size. Feel free to ask your questions, our team is always open for communication.