Introduce yourself!

Take a minute to introduce yourself and tell us about why you are interested in Regen Network!

Hi! I’m Daniel the Community Manager for RND Inc. I’ve been involved in the blockchain industry for almost 10 years now and have a wide variety of knowledge. My skills include blockchain development, general IT, community management and public speaking. Feel free to say hello!

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Hi Dan and everyone else. This is Christian, one of the founders and the CIO at RND, Inc. I am excited to lean in here and start to play around with some ideas I have ruminating for applications that should be built on top of Regen Ledger.
Thanks for getting this set up!


My name is Mark Monger. I am very interested in the use of distributed ledger technology to compensate good land stewardship. I want to bring a lifetime of “living carbon” farming experience to the forefront of the co2 sequestration talks. I feel that #Regen wants to to the same.
I look forward to pushing the idea with fellow regenerates. :om:

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Welcome! Thank you for joining. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark! Thanks for leaning in!

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Hey everyone! I’m Will. I’ve been focused on local food systems and alternative economics for more than a decade. I’m based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

I got involved in Regen Network in July of 2017, shortly after Christian, Gregory, and Brecht co-founded the project. Historically, I was focused on economics, legal, accounting, and hiring/HR. I transitioned out of my staff role at the end of last summer, and have served as President of the Board at Regen Foundation and Regen Network Development, Inc. since (and I’ll be cycling off the RND Board later this year so that we can create more autonomy between legal entities).

A number of you have already reached out to me about the Foundation/Community Staking DAO delegation strategy. Thank you for your inputs! There is a working group focused on upgrading this right now, and we should have more to share soon!


Hello everyone, i’m Adrien, founder of the StakeLab and Ledger employee.
StakeLab is based in France and mostly to help french speakers to enter the word of DeFi as it’s not accessible for anyone (lot of barriers: english, technical level…).
Our mission plan to initiate people to cryptocurrency and give them assistance in DeFi investments (mosly for long term hold).
We just started less than a month ago and directly at Regen Network but was too late to join the testnet !
Our node is already synched with th e mainnet chain and we are waiting for some community delegation or to join when it will be possible by ourself…
We plan to return a % of our gains to help scaling actions around the regen network when everything will be running ! For our planet !

Happy to join this project and to know more about you guys.


Hey everyone,

I’m Kamuel Bob from Bliss Dynamics and we have been involved in validating Cosmos chains since the early Gaia testnets in 2018. We were recognised as one of the 28 “never-jailed” validators in Game of Stakes in 2019, and are currently validating on e-Money chain.

Regen Network is a massive interest to us due to the vision and strategy of the project aligning with our values of looking after the environment and incentivising others to do the same. We intend to fully offset all carbon generated in our operations at some point in the future and we are also looking at how we can participate in the ecosystem, not just as a validator but also to bring added value to the project.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions.


Hello! Excited to join this forum. I have a nonprofit aiming to educate and experiment on business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. I have developed a very prototype online community for facilitating project management at (I’m obviously not a developer). My main effort is to make these new concepts mainstream and understandable for everyone out there so we can get these things moving faster, and get everyone involved. Everything I do I try to keep super simple so other communities or groups can go out and replicate it. So my goal here is to try and understand how to get people out there who have never heard of all this involved. Please drop me a line!


Hi all, my name is Arda, and I worked as a full-stack developer / team leader in the industrial field in the past 15 years.

I follow the cryptocurrency world and blockchain improvements since 2015 and contribute the eco system with some small projects of my own like, automated trade bots, data analysis, AI models.

I’m very excited about, what REGEN is trying to achieve and I would be more than happy to support the community as I dedicate a sentry backed-up validator node under the name “”.

If any contribution // coding task is wanted from public, I would like to support there too.

You can reach me at:
Discord: arda | BERLIN#8670
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @arda1975