Inspiring other Chain Operators

Hi all! I’ve socialized the following concept with a few others and curious to hear more voices, this is related to @patogit’s question about how do validators contribute to regeneration.

As validators on an ledger dedicated to ecological applications, we have a unique opportunity to inspire validators on other chains to join a common purpose of accelerating defi tools that help to support the stewards and applications of ecological, biodiversity, and climate positive outcomes, like this image,


My question to you all,

  • would you be willing to automate a simple commission of block rewards into a community managed pool dedicated to ecological applications? how much would you suggest?
  • would you be willing to estimate and disclose your energy footprint?

I believe if we propagate this pattern, then we’re creating a type of “regenerative finance” model at this operational layer while also helping to bring applications and use cases closer and in conversation with us. I think all of us probably know of noble use cases deserving of attention and future funding. We could start now by bringing them up to speed on what we’re building and help to close the gap between validators and application for Regen Ledger. Like this image,


Thank you for all who took the time to read and respond!


Regen has a tool/guidelines for its own Validators to measure/offset their own node’s carbon footprint, correct? Would love to read this, as it would be the basis for what this post is proposing. Please share, thank you.

Thanks for expressing your interest! I’ll post more to come on this next week

Yes, sounds interesting. And chatting with a few folks in channel, it seems that at the moment, Regen does not have guidelines for running a “Clean Node” or a “Green Node”

I was also informed that Greg’s main focus is the Regen Network as a whole helping to manage and track Carbon Offsets and promoting Regeneration—and not at the individual Regen Network Validator level.

However, yes, a general program as you have outlined, could be available to any validators from any network who wish to participate, including, first and foremost, Regen Network Validators.

And this Rewards Pool would then be available for Green DeFi Projects… who votes on who receives rewards, the Participating Validators who have contributed to the block rewards?

Could these Participating Validators also receive credit/url back to their own project, as backers of the projects they are supporting?

Those are really great ideas. I think many are asking the same question who are participating in this next generation economy and we wish to walk the walk. There’s also not need to go alone — for example sharing design patterns and code to make it easier for those who come later.

As an example, I was on a call last month and heard from a sustainability officer who was trying to get their carbon accounting in order, they ended up having to create a new product to meet their needs because there wasn’t anything on the market… she said it was kind of like diy accounting and bookkeeping with only spreadsheets and everything a mess. Now they’re preparing to make it available to other companies and release a standalone free product

Below is a link to a doc outlining the big picture and would love to collaborate on this. I think next steps will be host a short call say in a few weeks, here’s an event registration link right after community dev call on two week — join if easy

I would support a model where automated fees are collected to buy carbon credits (would have to be an average estimate for each validator) to make the whole network carbon neutral. This allows the network to align with it’s own values.

But further than that, it would be good to see it normalised for validators in other Cosmos SDK chains to win delegators by having carbon neutral operations. If the application layer was going to be integrated into the blockchain (I’m not sure if there’s any plan to represent carbon credits as tokens on the network that could be ‘burned’ when they were offset against something) then once the IBC connection was live, you could have accounts (validators or even non-validating entities) holding burned carbon credits in their account to represent their dedication to the regenerative environment.

Going further than this, an audit would be possible to verify consumption and offset to provide a REGEN certified validation service?

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I’m not sure if there’s any plan to represent carbon credits as tokens on the network that could be ‘burned’ when they were offset against something

This functionality is part of the upcoming credits module, which will debut on Regen Ledger and eventually be integrated on the Cosmos SDK as well. For these credits, we refer to the burn function as “retiring” the credits and it is mandatory anytime the owner of the credits wants to make any sort of ecological claim related to their credits (like when they offset their impact or make ecological claims about a product because of owning the credits).

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