In need of communities assistance tokens lost in wallet conversion


I have been working with the Regen and Keplr teams in attempt to recover a lost wallet. No doubt a step I missed or messed up in the conversion from funding Regen to the Keplr wallet. Dan at Regen and Dogemos at Keplr have been great but have exhausted their options. They have identified no tokens have been transferred out of account. At this point I am asking for a governance proposal to burn my previous wallet and allow the Regen team to assign me a new wallet.

I would appreciate your support — thank you


Hi @freind_ly, really sorry to hear about this!

RND, Inc. has all of the KYC information for people that participated in our token sale and as long as tokens haven’t been transferred from their genesis wallets, I would support a governance proposal to change the public key on accounts where tokens have been lost and the company can 100% verify people’s identity. I would love to hear what others think but I think this would be a good community service as it is very early in the lifecycle of the chain and we understand that many token sale participants may not have understood how critical it is to properly back up their mnemonics.

Hope we can get this resolved for you!


This seems like a reasonable solution for very early supporters of Regen whom RND, Inc. can verify. @freind_ly seems to have exhausted their options. If they in fact have prelaunch tokens and can be verified as the original purchaser then I would support a governance proposal as @aaronc describes.


Yes, totally agree. This solution makes sense and I am in favor of this governance proposal.

Hello @freind_ly, I feel bad about the situation you’re in.

Similar problems existed on the Cosmos Hub and the community helped fundraiser participants to retrieve their wallet keys.

Check out: Proposal 29 implementation by zmanian · Pull Request #480 · cosmos/gaia · GitHub

@aaronc I think one possible route would be the Regen Foundation to take the initiative and submit a governance proposal. Then validators including ourselves can spread the word across the community and help pass the vote.

Helping out early contributors of the network is vital thus I don’t think there would be big opposition on this proposal.

Anyways, let’s see what we can do!

Agree! Let’s see what we can do tho help this early supporter!

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The Foundation is still in the midst of hiring a governance lead. Once we make this hire, we’ll be in a position to manage this sort of governance proposal.