Ethics of the Regen Ecosystem

Hi everyone my name is Gijs and I joined recently to bring on board non-commercial stakeholders through the enDAOment program run by Regen Foundation. I am inspired by the value based work I see in the Regen space and would like to strengthen it so that we are ready to onboard lots of new members from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Some questions that come up include:

  • What are our shared values and how do we bring them alive in our work?
  • What was the last time you felt “Yeah! that’s what I imagine a REGEN world will look like!”
  • What are non-negotiables? Lines we will never cross?

I saw (on Github) the following words:

  • Purpose Driven,
  • Open,
  • Developmental,
  • Inspiring, and
  • Caring.

Can we dig a little deeper into what these mean to each of us? Eg: share in a response to this post 1 para about your relationship to these words/ideals. And if this forum is not the right place to do so, can we find a better space for this conversation?

I can start to get the ball rolling. What I have seen so far is something like this:

  • our purpose is to align the human economy to the more-than-human world. And that helps decide which project to take up, where to put our energy, who to partner with.
  • open in Regen means ready to listen to others in the network, in the widest sense of the word (this comes to mind: Otto Scharmer on the four levels of listening - YouTube )
  • developmental I understand as evolutionary. It means leaning into the unknown and trusting that something will emerge from collective actions done with true intentions, even if we can’t comprehend how.
  • inspiring to me means “speaking from the future” -inviting others to join in finding a better way to use our human potential on this planet.
  • caring I feel come alive when we do a check-in, seeing the person behind the project / screen / proposal, etc. We’re all living being first, roles second.

I read this post by our Token Engineering peers. I love how they tease out values that seem like irreconcilable (eg: privacy and transparency) so that they stretch the canvas between the polarities. Do you see such creative tensions in this ecosystem too? If so, what are ways to hold this tension? What are practical examples of this happening at Regen?

Hope to hear. Take care!