Delegation program for one node per validator only

Looking at how many $REGEN we would need to get back into the list of active validators we realized that the Ozone validator has two validation nodes (Ozone / StakeThat).

These two nodes have a delegation from the foundation.

If we could benefit from the delegation of one of these nodes, it would allow us to come back as an active validator, a place we have lost since 2-3 months.

We think it is better for the community to have two separate validators rather than one with two validation nodes, as we can promote and help the community, as we do for many blockchains.

Feel free to give your opinion.

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This sounds like something the traitorous Weyoun #6 would have done, not the noble minded Weyoun 1-5, 7, 8 or myself.

I concur that these delegations would be of better use in other hands, if we are truly to Regen the quadrants for the Founders.

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Thanks for bringing this to the community’s attention @EZStaking ! We will look into this further and make adjustments accordingly.

Whether on not the Foundation or CSDAO allocation makes a delegation with you is separate from undelegations/redelegaitons. And actually, now that CSDAO delegation program has run through its initial delegations, we’ll be looking to establish a relegation strategy.


Just wanted to note that the Foundation did unbond its CSDAO delegation program from Ozone and StakeThat, per the issues raised above. We unbonded rather than redelegated, as redelegation would require a formula, and could raise issues of fairness (we will likely evolve a more nuanced strategy in the future).

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