Cyberili Validator

Please tell us your validator moniker used for mainnet genTx and link to the github PR.

Validator moniker: Cyberili

Please describe the setup you are using for your validator? Include any relevant security information, processor speed, backups and sentry nodes etc…

For the majority of the networks that I joined as a Validator on Testnet or Mainnet, I’m mostly using multiple carefully chosen cloud providers, like Vultr, Digital Ocean, Hetzner or Contabo, where I run my validators using several cloud services, from VPS to Bare Metal.

In terms of Hardware, for Regen Network, I use the following (including a backup):
4 CPU Cores
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

I always make sure to use well-known, certified and recognized cloud providers and data centers, which offer:

  • Redundancy for the electricity and internet connection;
  • A certain degree of DDoS protection and firewalls;
  • Preferable an alerting system in case of issues and changes of the hardware;
  • A good, reliable and fast support line as well as a fast service;

In addition, there is also a set of rules that I always try to implement for accessing my systems:

  • Using certificates and 2FA with YubiKey for the authentication;
  • Use another port than the standard SSH 22 for the authentication;
  • Disable any root access to the instance;
  • Disable password authentication;
  • Install the latest updates and security packages for the operating system;
  • Use existing firewalls from providers if available as well as ufw to define which ports should be accessible and which not;
  • Use fail2ban in order to block IP addresses which would try to log into the VPS and fail. This reduces the possibility of a brute force attack;

Are you in some way trying to apply the high level application logic to create ecological credits. If so, please explain how.

Not for the moment.

Are you working to engage a broader community? If so, please explain how.

Yes, as a small independent validator I started without much promotion or community engagement, but my focus for the near future is to start engaging with the community through educational content released on platforms like Medium or Twitter (like articles, guides or infographics) and I will be constantly active on Telegram, Discord and Reddit and make sure to keep a close communication with both the fellow validators and delegators.

Are you a professional validator? Please list your company name and include other chains you are validating for. Please include how long you have been in operation.

I am an independent Validator with no company yet, even though I have already joined quite a few projects on Testnet and Mainnet like The Graph, Solana, KAVA, Akash, Bitsong or NuCypher. I have been active in the validator space since more than 1 year.

How did you perform during testnets and which testnets did you take part in? Please include the moniker(s) used. You can refer to your testnet results at

I took part in the Algradigon-1, Kontraua and Aplikigo testnets, with the moniker Cyberili and I believe my performance was fairly good considering that unfortunately I missed the first two, having achieved the 13th place in the end.

Are you active within the community on discord/telegram and in the discourse forum? Please include your usernames for the relevant platforms.

The engagement with the community is something that I plan to improve, but I would say that Twitter is the platform where I was most active until now.

Discord: Ilinca#5351
Telegram: @ilincaalexiuc

Are you committed to actively voting on Regen proposals and contributing to governance?


Do you have website or other links which offer insight to you validation services? Please include any social media and website links.

I currently do not have a website, but I am active under the @IAlexiuc Twitter username.

Please add a paragraph which will help the community decide to delegate to you. This may include any relevant information not listed above as to why you would like to be a Regen Network validator and why the community should choose to delegate to you.

Cyberili is a small, independent Validator based in Germany with more than 1 year of intense experience participating in different Testnets and Mainnets of disruptive networks that use different types of architectures and infrastructures. Being a stand-alone Validator allows me to be flexible and open in the decisions I make and to always bring a fresh view based on my previous experiences, complementing the bigger Validators in the space. I have a great understanding of the risks and solutions that new projects face in terms of stake centralization, security or adoption, and I am vocal and take initiative when I see something that might endanger the long term success of the project. Plus, I like communication! :slight_smile:

In addition to that, I have an extensive experience in Marketing and Growth Management so I am really excited to contribute to the Regen Network also from this point of view, adding this to my Validator responsibilities.