Curated list of contributors and how to set up contributor profile

Based on an initial conversation about how to support individuals and/or projects with individual staking rewards, this thread aims to A. Help people get set up with a wallet and B. act as a list of contributors that people can support. (Link to other conversation: Community Pool Grant Ideas - #3 by Gregory_Regen)

A - Setting up a profile as a contributor (If you already have a keplr wallet you can skip this step)
Go here:
Add the browser extension to chrome
Setup your wallet

Once set up, you can proceed to add yourself as a contributor (See below).

B - Adding yourself as a contributor
Make a post here on the forum or get in touch with a community manager on the discord channel to help you add a forum post if you don’t want to set up a forum account. (Link to discord: Regen Network)

Profile: Link to wallet address
Your contribution: Describe your contribution to a regenerative world. You can link to past projects/work/publications that you have/are engaged with. This is to give some background.
Expected future contribution: Describe what work you are currently engaged with and what your plans are for projects going forward. This is to better give an idea of what support might contribution to human and planetary regeneration.

If there are any suggestions on this procedure, feel free to add them as well. I considered using starname to make things more smooth, but requires adding initial funds to the wallet, so I think that makes onboarding more difficult.

------ EXAMPLE ENTRY ------

Name: Jennifer Smith

Profile/wallet: regen09aef…11f1j (Not a real address. Please don’t send any funds to this address)

Your contribution: I am a mechanical / agricultural engineer with 10+ years of experience with implementation and management of agroforestry systems in various climates. I work on several open source projects mostly in relation to precision farming, robotics and mechanical design.

Expected future contribution: I am currently working on two main projects: A. open source solar powered precision farm robot platform (A closer look at Acorn, our open source precision farming rover - YouTube) and B. an open source design for a tree planter specifically designed for keyline plantings where the planter can pivot and level when driving on contour to make sure trees are planted vertically.

------ EXAMPLE ENTRY ------