Cosmos Ecosystem Allocation

or maybe there are useful uses besides giving all the tokens away…

to benefit the broader Cosmos ecosystem

Maybe some of this could go towards projects that make Cosmos and related projects more usable and more useful.

How about launching a grant programs ? Let’s divide this allocation in 3 waves of grants with 1mil each ?

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Hello, this is more something I was thinking about.
Or actually re-used the form with KYC and if you have already done it before you don’t have to do it again (just new snapshot).

But grant programs are more general in crypto.

Great idea. This can even be a combination of: grants, liquidity bootstraping etc…

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One thing worth remembering is that there already is a Community Spend Pool which is intended more broadly for community use (grants, spend proposals, etc.), governed via the token holders.

This fund has 2M Regen as well. You can query its balance via CLI like so:

regen q distribution community-pool

which shows 2160528 REGEN


Thank you for pointing this out @corlock ! I’ve just created a new thread for discussion regarding what we’d like to fund via community grants.

A cautious legal analysis would consider this pool currently RND property.

Hey Everyone!

It does seem to me that adding some Regen to the Osmosis Gauge for REGEN / ATOM and REGEN / OSMO Pool would be a helpful move in tying together the community. I believe that no other project has added their own tokens to the Osmosis rewards gauge as of yet, and there are clearly plenty of Osmosis users that are not very familiar with Regen Network. I think this is pretty obvious when you look at the Osmosis Pool Launches we did…there was a vocal subsection of users in the Telegram and Discord groups that didn’t want to incentivize Regen Pools, and maybe even thought Regen was an outright scam.

Things mellowed out a bit with discussion and time, but this segment of Osmosis users were clearly unfamiliar with Regen Network, and unaware that Regen’s engineering team has been doing a lot of development on Cosmos itself.

I think being the first project to add their tokens to the Osmosis Gauge would be a strong move, and would stick in people’s minds, as well as just being a general gesture of goodwill.

Gregory and others did an excellent job of showing up and defusing the situation, but I believe there is a solid case for any kind of community support we can show to Osmosis, and Osmosis Liquidity Providers.

Full disclosure, I provide liquidity on Osmosis, as lots of us probably do. And I promised to do it for at least 8 months, regardless of any rewards. But I do believe it would be in the best interests of the whole community to be the first project adding independent rewards to the liquidity gauges.


Really interesting Jared! I’m curious to learn more about this — can you share some links on this topic? I’d love to understand this better, perhaps there is some prototyping event we could run so more people can get involved…

I’m not sure there is anything written about the reward / liquidity gauges. Various members of the Osmosis team have mentioned them in chat channels at times, or otherwise spoken about them. So we know they exist, such that any Cosmos type token can be added as an additional reward to any of the liquidity pools on Osmosis.

You can see the object type definition in their github.

They don’t reference it at all in their medium articles. I just asked in Telegram now, to gain some clarity.

Have any third parties added their own token rewards to pools yet? Also, does the current frontend interface show third party tokens added to the gauge? Would it affect the APR number?

Were you interested in the gauges themselves? Or in the community perception of Regen Network? The gauges, while probably not documented anywhere, are well known to exist, and have been mentioned by Osmosis devs numerous times as being fully functional.

Obviously the social implications of adding to them are more subjective, but quite straight forward.

Okay, it looks like Akash Network has possibly added some rewards to their pools, but it doesn’t show up in the interface whatsoever is the response I’m hearing from Osmosis Telegram. Which means that any social awareness of us doing something like that would have to come from word of mouth, or us posting about it.

It’s unfortunate the interface doesn’t account for it yet, and we wouldn’t be the first people to do it, but it still would be a nice gesture towards Osmosis, and would likely get more people involved in providing liquidity for our token.

edit - One thing I’ll add, is it might be worth considering only adding rewards to REGEN / OSMO pool. I don’t LP there, so it doesn’t help me at all, but it does show a gesture of support SPECIFICALLY to the Osmosis community. And it would probably have a stronger social effect than adding rewards to both pools.

“And it would probably have a stronger social effect than adding rewards to both pools”
I don’t agree, Emeris is very important to the community, the value of the atom attracts investors all over the cosmos system, everything is linked. Emeris is a dex that should not be overlooked because osmosis is popular. Osmosis is excellent, but to drop Emeris is to shoot yourself in the foot.

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Hi CyberCygne! Welcome to the forum! I think we actually are on the same page here.

Emeris is very important to the community

Emeris is awesome! I’m super happy they exist, and to my knowledge, they don’t provide open reward gauges (yet?). Since the conversation was about adding Regen Tokens as rewards to community trading pools as a way of supporting the ecosystem, we were talking specifically about Osmosis. Since it’s public reward gauges are done, and open for being used. When Emeris / Gravity get to that point I think it absolutely would make sense to add Regen Tokens to their gauges as well.


I use the pools on osmosis, but indeed when the reward gauges are activated on emeris I think that we need to have cash available to distribute them to them as well :wink::+1:

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Osmosis is soon adding stable coins (I think this can be expected for Emeris as well, and is already the case on Sif, etc.). This will dilute LPing rewards, and might be another reason to add REGEN gauges on Osmosis, Emeris, etc.

Osmosis is looking to start incentive matching (in other words, external incentives, such as REGEN, would be matched by OSMO incentives).

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I have moved forward with socializing with the Osmosis and cosmos communities on osmosis commonwealth and twitter:

Reception is very welcome of course. I am excited to get this moving!


My proposal is that we make a direct transfer of half the amount in the cosmos ecosystem allocation directly to Osmosis community pool, and do so as soon as logistically possible. This will involve a multi sig IBC transfer following a community process. As per the promise in the whitepaper if regen community members think this is a bad idea, please bring that to a vote to signal a different approach. Otherwise judging from this form we are in alignment about the importance and the responsibility to follow through with the cosmos ecosystem grant.


Willszal / Greg this is quite an amazing proposition being put forth by the Regen Network! :pray:

It just goes to show how truly committed the Regen team and community is to finding avenues for mutual value accrual within the Cosmos ecosystem while walking the walk with regard to showing selfless support for the vision of an internet of blockchains. :green_heart:

It looks like the discussion has started and centered around the potential use of an Osmosis Community Pool allocation of these $REGEN tokens as additional Liquidity Mining incentives through the gauges. I’d like to propose something that has received much discussion in the Ion Governance Working Group TG chat, the concept of protocol owned liquidity.

How would the Regen community feel about locking in say 1M of the 1.4M REGEN tokens that would be endowed to the Osmosis Community Pool into Pool #42. This would require ~650k OSMO from the Osmosis Community Pool be matched based on current token prices and would amount to the creation of ~$6M worth of Protocol Owned Liquidity which would create a floor level of liquidity for the REGEN token on the Osmosis DEX.

I’m looking at this as a (:deciduous_tree:,:deciduous_tree:) move to avoid the potential toxic liquidity trap of using these tokens purely as Liquidity Mining incentives and instead create persistent liquidity that is more useful to the growth of both Regen and Osmo communities.

I would propose that the liquidity would be added to the pool but NOT bonded to any gauge so there should be no dilution of existing liquidity mining incentives to existing LPs, although the increased depth of the pool could have some implications in how incentives are calculated going forward (would have to defer to @Unity | Chaos or @Jeremy Parish on those mathematical particulars). Swap fees would be diluted as the POL would get it’s share of those.

I’m seeing the process be something like this:

1 - Regen side would entail the mutli sig IBC transfer to the Osmosis Community Pool

2 - A pair of Osmosis governance props for community spends to a multi sig wallet to receive the 1M REGEN & ~650k OSMO (community pool spends can only handle one amount and address)

3 - If the proposals pass then those in control of the multi sig would make the transaction to add the tokens as liquidity to Pool #42

4 - Then multi sig fund-community-pool transaction(s) would be made to send the acquired GAMM-42 tokens and any leftover OSMO’s back to the osmosis community pool.

If this does indeed come to fruition, to me, this act would reverberate through the Cosmos as a rallying cry for more zones/hubs to collaborate and find the means to create alignment of objectives so we can all grow together!

Then the remain ~400k REGEN could be allocated to gauges as additional mining incentives down the line or held for a period to assess if they too should be added as more liquidity to Pool #42 to further raise the floor of liquidity for REGEN on Osmosis.

@corlock —very simple question: how do a I connect to a node on the network via CLI in order to run this query.

The Osmosis portion of this discussion has effectively migrated over here: Commonwealth