Consider adopting discourse profiles for more formal contributor profiles

I asked about this in the discord chat but thought it might be easier to start a thread here (also to remind @dpdanpittman!)

As a follow up to the thread @kristoffer started - I don’t want to derail that thread if it will indeed be used for profiles! Curated list of contributors and how to set up contributor profile

Could we consider using discourse user profiles themselves as the source of a “contributor profile”? It seems that we might be able to define custom user fields to structure the profile as needed: How to create and configure Custom User Fields - faq - Discourse Meta

So dedicated fields for the user’s wallet and past/planned contributions? Perhaps the existing “about me” area could be reused a bit, too?

Obviously this isn’t quite as rigorous as a keybase profile (or starname??) but seems adequate for a contributor profile use case?

Also, it would be neat if there were a dedicated “Contributors” category (similar to the Validators category) so contributors could create a thread dedicated to their bio/planned work.

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Awesome idea. Have you checked out commonwealth at all? We have been considering a switch from discourse over to commonwealth specifically for some of the easy of user profiles (including being able to link to a regen address and do voting straight form the UI!) This discourse forum I am most inspired by is Osmosis: Commonwealth

Starnames would be interesting (and we could create a similar namespace natively on regen if we wanted to), I also love the idea of categories for contributors etc. I know Dan has bee working on the regen collective idea and think that should also work over here.


Ohh wow! Thanks for sharing. Commonwealth looks like a great solution for the user profiles & voting.

I feel like some of the traditional forum bits aren’t quite on parity with discourse yet but imagine it will evolve. Happy to see the repo here:

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Hi Paul,

Dan here! Thank you for utilizing our forum and starting this discussion. As @Gregory_Regen mentioned, I’m in discussion with Commonwealth to integrate our Discourse forum onto their platform. They have many more features planned for the future and I believe it will be a great fit for our network. I also really like the idea of having user profiles integrated along with a contributors category and will try to implement a solution for this request. Stay tuned!


Commonwealth looks awesome and perfect for where the world is headed.

Have you used Snapshot at all with Discourse? (Or separately for voting?)

Or have you looked at Moloch or Aragon for voting etc?

@Gregory_Regen have you checked out ? - they say they are protocol agnostic. Not sure if all the DAO’s on there are native governance or importing governance from other services. Some big names in the line-up though.