Chainflow Delegation Program

We’re delegating 50,000 Regen to up to 5 other deserving, smaller and independent @regen_network validators :seedling:

Who should we delegate to and why?

“Me, because…” answers are welcome :sun_with_face:


Very cool Chainflow peeps - are you looking at Validators ranked 25 - 50 or below top 10?

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Me, because even though I am a small independent validator, I have big hopes and determination to combat climate change through regenerative agriculture!


I’d vote for validators who are:
Demonstrating desire to engage with regen mission
Have been engaged with testnets but we’re just outside the delegation range for the institutions
New comers who demonstrate capacity and agency

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Me, because I am a beginner in Regen who very quickly figured out validation, actively participated in testnet tasks and is very interested in new interesting tasks on the mainnet. My moniker is razumv in testnet and mainnet. Thanks for attention :grinning:

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Hello Chris !
StakeLab is synched with the chain but couldn’t participate in time in the testnet.
We are professionnal new validator in the business, and to demonstrate our motivation, we make 6 actives network in less than a month.
As we know the business to secure networks is consuming ressources and we are implicated our personnal life on green causes, we would like to join this network.
When our platform scale to the real V1 website with all the initiation/tutorials for each networks launch, we would like to see how we could reserve a % of our returns to be used for help all actions implicated with this project.
Highly interested to be part of the project and help scale it thought the time, with a REAL POSITIVE impact in our world.

Hi, I’m Pete - I help run the Regenerator Validator

Regenerator helped with many of the Cosmos testnets and validated on the Cosmos mainnet until we got pushed out by the big boys. We also took part in the testnets for regen and have been active in helping people on Discord.

We love regen and want to be a part of the revolution!

Personally I made a small investment in regen and would love the opportunity to participate more in Mainnet and the project in general, maybe write an app.

Really keen to discuss more about Carbon Offsetting and how this could be build in to the future of validation.

Thanks for reading.

I think, ideally, those between 25-50 by total stake.

Thanks for the response :seedling:

Please tell us a bit more about your background as it relates to running validators or similar systems, as well as your plans to combat climate change by running a Regen validator.

Thank you for the feedback. What’s the best way to identify validators who meet the above quoted criteria?

Thank you for the response :seedling: What are you plans to support Regen’s larger mission to combat climate change?

Hi Stake Lab :wave:

A few questions -

1 - Are you validating on any other networks right now?

2 - Please tell us more about -

and -

Specifically, do you have any concrete plans or milestones related to any of the above?

Thanks, @regenerator, for the response.

How many REGEN are you away from being in the active set?

Can you please share any additional thoughts you may have on why you were squeezed out of the active set?

I know this is a real concern and I’m wondering how Regen could take the lead in preventing this from happening.

Me, a small but capable operator,
I run regenald since testnet.

I have much to learn about regeneration and I’m willing, as a validator and human.

Thanks to you and the foundation for supporting nodes like mine.

Me :raised_hand:

Because :thinking: hmmm… I actively took part in testnets and helped others as much as I can, I love Regen’s vision to help regenerate earth. I loved the idea of issuing carbon credit from day one and all of it is on cosmos blockchain so can’t be more transparent. :sunglasses:

A little about myself :raised_hand: I am software developer in the biggest e-commerce company of my country, who got interested in blockchains and web3 stuff :smiley:

Me because we are not simply ranking in top 50 validators (we rank 34), but we actually do something to deserve this. We are going to plant trees for each Regen delegation. The trees are going to be planted in Romania where there are plenty of statistics and documentation showing that this is a place in need of forests. If you wanna join our cause and collaborate with us, check our website:
You can also see on Youtube proof that we tried a 1st edition for a different matter, but we will continue it with Regen as this is a great project for the future!

Hey Chris, we at are in full support of REGEN and IXO mission. And we plan to fully integrate our platform with both, where the fit is best for our many applications.

We plan to run a Validator for both REGEN and IXO as part of our project’s involvement in regenerative systems. I currently have a validator set up on the Regen testnet, and my task for next week is to convert it to a threshold validator.

Also, we can run our Validators in South America, Brazil, to expand the distribution of the networks.

Thanks, all the best! {:deciduous_tree:}

Me because I’m( the 50th validator of Regen network. HaHa.
So I purchased a small amount of Regen to got involved ecosystem.
I pushed out of 50th place a few days ago, but now I am back, and I am barely alive. But I will be alive.

Hey Chris,
1- yes we are validating on sentinel, iris, persistence, certik, starname, bitsong,, desmos and ki.
Stafi and kava ongoing.

2- personnal life : Im building CSR at Ledger and on my personnal life using Green energy
Reserve % of return : as we are earning enough to live and build our project, reserving a % to Green energy building seems normal.
I dont have a specific plan builded already as I would like to just provide to an action builded with regen (would like to dig more with some People invested and to see how we can create the certificate - even if blockchain is already a proof)

Hey Chris, thanks for the reply.

Regenerator is in the REGEN active set :grinning:, I was referring to our time on the Cosmos network, was a genesis validator but got pushed out. The reason for that was alot of big players came in, I was struggling to attract delegation. My model was wrong - too high commission.
I’m on a mission to educate delegators that the max commission rate is a really important figure.
Hopefully we are a lot more attractive with a low commission and a low max commission but we will see.
Hope is well for you.